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The huge population of Indians that love online gambling and the complicated nature of online gambling in the country has increased the popularity of the latter. Roulette game is a top game in Asia and common among Indian citizens. This guide will speak about roulette, which is the most loved casino game in India, roulette versions, laws guiding betting in India, and the best roulette casinos in India.

About online roulette

Roulette remains a significant casino game that many online bookmakers offer to their customers. This casino game consists of wheels, a ball, and a board. The objective of the player is to hit a number combination of numbers or colors. For traditional-based roulette, it is managed by the croupier, however, for online roulette, there is an RNG that controls the game.

Variants of online roulette in India

Online roulette game comes in many variants, they are:

American roulette

The American roulette game is a large board with an extra zero. This roulette type offers customers to wager on several outside bets and markets. However, it has a big house edge which limits customers' chances of winning.

European roulette

With the European roulette, you get an abridged version of this casino game numbering 0 to 37. The RTP of winning this version is huge as it has a very little house edge. The only downside of this version is that it has limited options.

French roulette

Another roulette casino online version with similarities with European roulette. However, there are some slight differences in bets available and payout percentages.

Online roulette betting systems

There are some roulette betting systems players can use to win in online roulette, some of them are

The Martingale system

This betting system lets players place small wagers intending to win huge amounts. It requires a big capital because bettors will need to increase their stakes in two folds when they lose. This system is only allowed when betting has closed. Be warned though, as you can quickly run out of capital in this system.

D'Alembert roulette system

Players with minimal capital can use this system as bets are increased when you win, but are reduced by one when you lose. With enough patience and perseverance, you can have regular profits.

A Fibonacci roulette system

Another important roulette strategy that can guarantee winnings. Players are required to add up Fibonacci numbers in series which is effective especially if you don't get greedy.

Is online betting legal in India?

Betting in India has been subject to many controversies because of the complex nature of Indian gambling law. The first gambling law in India was in 1867 when a law was enacted to give both the federal and state laws power to regulate all betting forms. The federal government came up with state-run lotteries all over the country.

An improvement was made in 1887 with the Bombay Prohibition act of 1887 which delineated the games to chance and strategy games. Chance games were prohibited, while several skill games were allowed. Furthermore, states like Goa, Sikkim, Diu, among others created several state laws to encourage gambling.

The internet technology bill of 2000 was introduced to deal with online transactions and fraudulent internet business. Nothing was said about online betting, which gave many foreign bookies to operate as long as they are not physically available. Gambling online India casinos is possible, as long as one is of age in the country.

What makes Indian online roulette websites reliable?

Some factors should make you patronize an online roulette website:

Fast payouts

A top online roulette website should be able to process payments quickly and safely. There shouldn't be any delay or security concerns.

RNG roulette

Reliable Indian casinos should have roulette versions that are operated with a random number generator software. This ensures fairness, randomness and affirms the legitimacy of a web platform. When playing roulette game online, an RNG gives you a good chance to win without cheating.

Gaming license

Any roulettes casino online site you will patronize should be registered with top betting commissions, like Gibraltar gambling agency, MGA , and the UK gambling agency.

Availability of casino games

A good Indian casino platform should have many other casino games like baccarat, keno, craps, poker, and Lottery. There are versions of casino roulette game for Indians.

User interface

How the online casino website operates and allows navigation is very important. A reliable gambling platform should have a smooth design which will allow access to all sections easily. It should not hang or have Ux defaults.

Game developers

Using a website with games from top casino games creators is great. Some top casino games are developed by bettrader, Microgaming, yggdrasil, Playtech and on this site.

The Best roulette websites in India

Here are some best online roulette websites recommended for Indian players according to They are:

Betway India

Betway India remains a top online roulette india betting platform that has business in more than 55 countries. This roullette casino offers features like live games, free stakes, and loyalty programs. These online roulette sites are capable of attending to the plethora of Indian players available.

Jackpot City

At jackpot city, betting safely and responsibly is their watchword. This online casino roulette platform has many huge odds and games which many can use. They provide many options for payment like Bank transfer, Paytm, PayPal, and credit cards.

Europa Casino

Europa Casino has been in the gambling sector in India for years. They allow gambling on roulette games in Indian rupees and other currencies. Wagering on their platform remains safe, and they provide fast payouts on all winnings. This is an online roulette real money India casino which has churned out winners regularly.

Spin city casino

At this online roulette casino, you will get many bonuses like welcome bonuses, free spins, and deposit bonuses. This platform also has a low house edge of most of their games and great customer service. It is an online roulette casino site where Indians can get good betting options.


Another foreign bookie where you can play roulette online India games. They have a very good site with some mouth-watering offers. They have a very good bonuses offer for online roulette. At Ixbethey, they pay withing 24 hours and crediting your account is easy.

Leo vegas

At Leo Vegas casino, they have all versions of the online roulette. Customers who are also interested can wager to on other table games like poker, baccarat and blackjack. Their live-streaming options are one of the best features in the world. You can play roulette online India casino games easily on this platform.

Playing roulette online is a good opportunity to make a profit online, however, using top online casinos will make the experience better.